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%FREE [ ] Code Red 2014.06.19 02:06 WhatsApp Messenger is the official messaging app of Facebook. Features like desktop notifications, read receipts, and private messages. Download Download PDF.0 WhatsApp is an instant messaging app with a focus on mobile, so it's no surprise that the WhatsApp app is also available on the web. The WhatsApp web app has a similar look and feel to the app itself, but it's available on any device you want, thanks to the mobile web version of the app. How to install the WhatsApp web app: 1. Open the WhatsApp app. 2. Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner and select WhatsApp Web. 3. Tap Open WhatsApp Web in the menu that appears. 4. You're now ready to use the WhatsApp web app. Note: Depending on your device, you may need to sign into your account with a web browser before you can use the web version. What's New in Version 5.1.1: WhatsApp: • New! Notify if someone mentions you by replying to a message with a heart icon. • New! Reply with a heart icon to express gratitude. • New! Reply with a heart icon to say thanks for a gift or a birthday. • New! Learn how to say thank you in a new card. • New! Let your friends and family know when you’re feeling lonely. • New! A cool new feature for those using the web version of WhatsApp. Now you can share messages directly from WhatsApp to your phone. WhatsApp Business: • New! Tabs allow you to open multiple chats at once, then switch to the conversation you want to respond to. • New! One tap delete for both regular and group messages. WhatsApp for iOS: • Improved! Now your phone doesn’t hang when sending a voice note. • Improved! Now your pictures are more clear. • Improved! Voice note recording now works on the web and desktop. WhatsApp for Android: • Improved! Now your voice note recording works on the web and desktop. • Improved! Click on a contact to open their profile. • Improved! Click on a contact’s photo to send a voice note. WhatsApp for Windows 10: • Improved! Now

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